P- Square finally goes on music break

P-Square-650x400One of the great Nigerian duo singing group Paul and Peter Okoye, popularly konwn as P-Square have now decided to go on break with their music career until further notice.

The P-Square brothers seems to have taken some time off the music career to work on other businesses as the two brothers have seen busy recently.

While Peter Okoye, is busy organising reality shows, travelling around, having discussions with Cameroon soccer star, Samuel Etoo, about his latest investment which his football management company, his brother, Paul, is busy trying to ensure that he projects his new signee, Munosings.

The duo have been working assiduously towards ensuring that they have a source of livelihood to fall back on rather than depend on music alone. The fans of this great group will be looking forward for their return in the music industry soon.

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