New Video: Kantanka K71, a push-to-start 4 cylinder FWD, sleek and presentable

Kantanka K71 is one of the brands of the Kantanka Automobile brand of vehicles. The vehicle is a 5 seater car including the driver and the co-driver.

The K71 is a 5 speed manual transmission vehicle manufactured and assembled by the only automaker in Ghana, West Africa.

Recently, the company has released a short video of the sleek ride to the general public to have a feel of the design, interior and uniqueness of the new Kantanka K71 push-to-start- mini suv car.

The Kantanka K71 is affordable and comes with a flexible terms of payment system which the customer can pay with ease and enjoy his ride whiles he/she still pays on installment. Other packages includes free registration with the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority, Ghana (DVLA), and regular checkups and maintenance as well as 1.5 years warranty.

Check out the new video of the New Kantanka K71, push-to-start Mini SUV

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