Nero X and Jungo – Nyame Kruaw Prod by Willis Beat

One of the pioneers in Cape Coast music industry who can boast of numerous Obama City Awards to his credit, Jungo, is out with a latest single hit track.

Jungo, a well known artist in the Cape Coast (Obama City) teams up with Nero X, one of Ghana’s unique and sensational singer and of Osey hitmaker to present to us a brand new gospel single entitled in the Akan dialect, “Nyame Kruaw”. This hit single is produced by Takoradi’s best producer, Willis Beat.

This song is full of inspiration and can be played anywhere. Great song of all standards by these two unique artists.

Download Nero X and Jungo – Nyame Kruaw Prod by Willis Beat

Nero-X-and-Jungo-Nyame-Kruaw-Prod-by-Willis-Beat-.mp3 (6726 downloads)

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