My Car accident has made me to be Scared…Amakye Dede

Legendary Highlife Musician Daniel Amakye Dede who survived a fatal accident at Bonsu Junction early this year, says the accident left him terrified.

Amakye is lucky to be alive after he was involved in an accident that claimed the life of his manager.

The artiste who lost his manager and bosom friend, Isaac Yeboah in the accident disclosed he is uncertain his career will ever be the same without his late manager, adding that his manager diligently secured all his bookings, hence finding another in his stead would be almost impossible.

“….Somebody called that he wants me to come and play a programme for him, I couldn’t even talk to him because… it was my manager who was charging everything. Now I’m thinking, how can I charge somebody for a programme? I don’t think I can get somebody like Isaac Yeboah…. If I continue to talk about Isaac I can’t stop my tears”.

Amakye Dede says he is in good shape but is yet to recuperate totally.

Speaking on the toll the accident has had on him on Hitz@1, Mr Serious who now employs the mantra ‘Yesu Nti’ literally meaning ‘By God’s grace’ described how the sight of a vehicle’s lights brought memories of the fateful accident.

“I quite remember when they took me to Korle bu Hospital. Five days (after my admission) I decided to walk around because sleeping on Hospital bed for all this while, I was becoming so weak so I decided to (take) a walk around five O’clock then I saw a car coming, immediately I saw the (Vehicle’s) light, I (began) to run because I was shocked, and I shouted ‘Oh this man has killed me’ so my first time of seeing a light of a car after the accident I run but I know ‘Yesu Nti’ I will still continue my life”.

The Musician who registered his Toyota Tundra with his new mantra ‘Yesu Nti’ discounted rumours he bought the car after the demise of his manager, stating he got it last October. He further indicated an imminent release of a song that would tell his accident experience.

“I didn’t buy the car in January, I bought it on the 15 of October, last year….I was about to register the car, ‘Serious 2’.

“I know that by all means God will give me some words to compose and sing about Yesu Nti. My manager’s death has affected me too much ‘Yesu Nti’ but I know I will come out with something different”.

The mortal remains of Isaac Yeboah would be laid in state this weekend at the Abrantie Sports.

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