MustReadPoem: You are Brainwashed through Jesus and Mohammed

You’re brainwashed, but I am not!

You’re brainwashed, but I’m not!

I believe in Mohammed, but you believe in Jesus,

you believe in Buddha, you believe in Krishna, you adore Confucius

Which made you confused,

you are brainwashed, but I am not!


You are brainwashed, but I am not!

I uphold the Bible, but you are toyed by the Qu’ran,

feeling better but fooled by the Dhammapada,

clinging to it as a map but misled by your Tanakh,

Meditating and levitiating into ignorance by your Bhagavad Gita,

You are brainwashed, but I am not!

You dance in fire as a trick,

communicate with plants and animals as a supreme multilingual,

manipulate the weather to weather worries,

I can’t do what you do,

but you are led by legion,

you chant to demons and I pray to angels,

You are brainwashed, but I am not!!!


Energy, can’t be forged or murdered,

man, when murdered recycle as a martyr,

I believe in reicarnation,

but you believe in lake of fire for damnation,

you think Purgatory is for retribution,

you are brainwashed, but I am not!


Wait! wait!! wait!!!

God is not author of confusion,

As a child I was filled with love potion,

until theology served me with delusion,

to set the bitterness fusion in motion?,

Who wanted us to see ourselves as foes?


Wait, may be each of our books contain bits of the truths,

making each think he owns the absolute truth,

Here’s my faith manual, present yours,

let’s filter truths from the lies,

There can’t be lies in my faith manual,

My prophet was the true messenger of God,

My book contain all mysteries in the universe,

yours contain concoctions,

NO!, NO!, NO! You are brainwashed but I am not!


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