MustReadArticle: How To Activate Your Third Eye With Sun And Magnet

I always pity people when they hide behind fear and accept mediocrity. If God plainly told man that man was created in His image and likeness, what is preventing man to live like god (ability to see within all the frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, time travel, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.) on earth?

God is spirit so as man but we also know that spirit is energy. The universe is entirely made up of two things; matter and energy. Matter generates energy when its vibration is increased and energy also generates matter when its vibration is decreased.

They are two sides of the same coin! Now, I am going to bring to your awareness something you already know if I am to show respect to Galileo’s believe.


The atoms (building units) forming complex structure like man is the same as the units making up plants but only the structural arrangements differ. The units include; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Just as diamond is the same as graphite in their mineralogical (chemical) makeup, man is same as plant in likewise manner.  

Man and plant have the same building units (atoms), and if the chlorophyll in plant use sun for photosynthesis, what then do melanin and pineal in man use sun for? Apart from the obvious Vitamin D, do you know sun help activate our pineal (third eye)? Most people don’t know that just as plants need sun to survive, man (spirit being) also need sun to survive. The pineal gland which controls the third eye chakra is photoreceptor just like our two eyes. Gazing at the sun at regular intervals coupled with magnetic influences activate the third eye chakra.


In simple physics, electric current can generate magnetic field (magnet) and vice versa. The neurons of man transmits information in electric nature (impulses). The earth’s magnetic grid affects the functions of the mind and body – man is electromagnetic in nature.  Below are simple techniques we are going to adopt to activate/decalcify the pineal gland as designed by the creator of man and the universe.


Get a labelled bar magnet: Place the north pole of magnet on your forehead at the centre of your eyebrows for 10 minutes before sunrise. In simple physics, magnetic flux moves from north pole to south pole.


When north pole of a magnet is placed under a potted plant, the plant grows taller in response to the pull of the magnetic field – reverse process gives reverse result. So, place the north pole of the magnet at the position shown above.

After carrying out the magnet exercise, gaze at the early rising sun for 15 minutes. You will notice the change of the sun’s colour from white to yellow to orange and finally to violet/blue.  Repeat this exercise in the evening (5:00 P.M.)when the sun is about setting.

The sun’s electromagnetic energy activates the pineal and gradually decalcify the pineal for the third eye to be activated. The decalcifying rate is inversely proportional to the degree of calcifying of your pineal gland.

Kindly stay away from all foods containing halides and do away with stress. Stay cheerful always no matter the problem at hand. Gratitude, cheerful heart and healthy living practiced with the above exercises would surely decalcify the pineal gland for illumination.

To whom much is given, much is expected to make the lives of the less privileged better. “To whom mind is given, sense is expected,” Philip Adu.



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