Miraculous Preservation of Pharoah’s dead body – Ramses II

This is the dead body of Pharaoh Ramses II , the Egyptian Pharaoh (king). Its age is approximately 3000 yearsThe body of the Pharaoh was discovered in 1898 in the Red Sea at the place called jabalian. This body is now displayed in the Royal Mummies Chamber of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. This dead body is amazingly preserved without any mummification; no inside organs have been removed. PHOTOGRAPHS OF MUMMIES IN EGYPT Even the mummies in the Egypt with so much of mummification process are not well preserved like the body of Firon.

Pharaoh’s body was inside the sea for more than 3000 years. Fish in the sea could have easily eaten the flesh, but they didn’t.
SO WHAT IS THE SECRET OF SUCH GOOD PRESERVATION OF THIS BODY???. The answer is in the following verse of the Quran where God says “Today We will preserve (save) your body so you can be a sign for people who come after you. “

• Firon was the famous and very cruel king of Egypt
• He declared that he was God
• He tortured the people who didn’t worship Him

God sent Prophet Moses (Messenger of God) to save the people from oppression and cruelty and to warn people to turn to the True Path (True God). Firon and his people thought that Prophet Musa’s aim is to seize power by changing the traditional religion of Egypt.
Firon attained a great benefit from the traditional religion of Egypt, If that religion were to change, Firon will loose all his power.. So Firon denied the existence of God. So Allah sent various disasters to those people yet he did not turn towards allah and still he use to say that he is the God. So Allah made him to drown in the Red sea and Allah preserve his body over 3000 years without any mummification process, isn’t a miracle ?

Source: Nazaan Kaifi

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