Man pulls knife at NDC Akwatia primaries

A young man aged about 30 years disrupted voting momentarily at the Akwatia Lorry Station where delegates of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) were voting to select a parliamentary candidate.

The man whose name was not readily available was said to have pulled out a knife to threaten some voters whom he claimed were not supporters of the ruling NDC.

The only policeman at the polling station had a hectic time but before a colleague was called for support, the young man was whisked away in a van.

Calm was however restored at the Akwatia Lorry Station polling station and voting continued after the confusion.

At the Kwamekuma Yoruba Mosque, there was also a misunderstanding against some voters who were said to be impostors but the issue was quickly resolved.

The Deputy Eastern Regional Secretary of the NDC told Graphic Online that “so far so good as there is calm in all the polling stations”.

Meanwhile voting has slacked unlike in the morning when people were eager to cast their ballot. however is believed that more people would come out before 5PM when voting is expected to close.

In all a total of 8,000 members of the NDC are expected to cast their ballot in the keen election between the incumbent Member of Parliament, Mr. Baba Jamal and his only contender, Mr. Basile Ahiable, a businessman.

The election which should have taken place on November 21, last year was postponed by the national Executive Committee of the party due to the issue of insecurity due to inconsistencies in the voters register of the party.


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