M.anifest mocks Sarkodie after Geneva Show in Switzerland

Rapper M.anifest is not worried about Sarkodie’s shots he threw at him in his Kanta diss song. The rapper who is currently not in the country after Sarkodie released the diss song has been posting random pictures on his social media platforms to tell the world that he is not bothered by Obidi’s harsh words.

M.anifest who headlined a concert at the Musique en ete, in Geneva, Switzerland took a picture with the crowd at the event and posted on social media with the caption “Me and my friends tonight. Thanks Geneva! It was lit!!! #godMc”.

Why did M.anifest refer to the audience as his friends? Lets not forget that in Sarkodie’s “Kanta” diss song, which threw shots at him, he said that it doesn’t make sense to beef M.anifest because whilst he is busily rapping to the world, the “Someway Bi” rapper would be rapping to his friends.
“Y? a mo se Sark mp? beef. Yea, cos it doesn’t make sense. How can I rap to the world. Whiles you, you dey rap to your friends”

M.anifest’s instagram post attracted many funny comments, which mocked Sarkodie.

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