Is Pappy Kojo dating Yvonne Nelson?

Pappy Kojo the ay3 late hitmaker after releasing his ‘Awoa’ song seems not to forget ever mentioning actress Yvonne Nelson’s name in the awesome tune.

The rapper and actress have become very close ever since the release of the Awoa song and we only deem it appropriate to ask whether they are dating or not.

Pappy Kojo posted a picture of himself and Yvonne on Facebook with the caption “Se me nya no me nfa nkyen” which can be translated in English as “I won’t spare if I get it” and the question here is, what exactly is Pappy talking about?

The two were again spotted in a picture with Sarkodie at the musicians birthday party.

We wouldn’t be surprised at all if Yvonne is going out with Pappy because she seems to be quite interested in musicians.

More Pictures below

FB_IMG_1455468117483  pap kojo pappy

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