Ibrahimovic needs more time – Mourinho

Jose Mourinho recently claimed Ibrahimovic will stay at Old Trafford for a second season as United look to exercise the option to extend his deal and Raiola has confirmed the prolific attacker is likely to stay in Manchester.

“There is a big chance that there will be a second year. We had already included that in the contract so it is not new for us and Manchester United. Both parties are very happy with that,” he affirmed.

“It is more a question of time or when rather than if.

“There were also big offers from China last year and he chose not to take it to come to England and that showed his spirit.

“The boy is not done yet. He still has it in him. He still has the fire that he wants to win, that he wants to perform, and if it was only money he was after, he would not be at Manchester United.”

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