“I will never perform in Takoradi no matter what, my people are ungrateful” – Amy Newman

For a moment I thought Gospel musicians were evangelists and would go where the spirit directed them but like the Biblical Jonah, sensational Gospel music diva Amy Newman has vowed not to honour any invitation to perform in Takoradi, where she was born and raised.

Her reason is simple.

That the people of Takoradi do not appreciate their own and she has had to suffer a lot due to that attitude.

In a hearty and lengthy chat with Enoch Asare also known as Feeling Daddy on Empire 102.7FM in Takoradi, Amy Newman spoke to a lot of issues concerning her career and relations with people especially based in Takoradi.

“As for Takoradi, I have told myself in Takoradi that they will not do anything that they’ll call me to come and sing because they don’t like their own. They prefer people coming from outside then they accept them..”

Asked what her down moments have been so far, the Tsie Me Moborsu hit maker answered saying;

“When people see me and reject me…I mean pastors”

“People say a lot of bad things about me. Imagine people saying I’m a stripper. Can you imagine? People even say I was a prostitute in Accra when I didn’t even know Accra until I got married and my husband took me there.

I think it’s because I’m beautiful and I have got the physique. People see me and get offended. They ask why has she given birth to 8 children and still looks like this?”

According to Amy Newman, she’s taken a cue from these comments and rumours and prefer to stay by herself.

In a quite contradictory statement prior to the end of the interview, Amy stated she would accept an invitation only if it’s God’s will for her to attend.

Formerly called Amy Brew, Amy was born to Mr. Kwesi Brew of Essikado and Miss Dinah Appah in the year 1960. She started her elementary education at the Essikado Catholic Girls School where her music talents quickly came to the fore.

Amy has won a number of awards and was recently honoured for her contribution to Gospel music in Ghana.

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