I dropped out of the Roman Seminary School to do rap music..Wyse Brayne


One of the dope rising fante rapper in Ghana Michael Elliot Nana Kobina Aidoo, with his showbiz name Wyse Brayne, made a revelation that he dropped out of the Roman Catholic Seminary School to do rap music.

According to the Tema based rapper, his father wanted him to be a Roman father, but things changed on the way when he decided to follow his music passion and started writing his own songs. The road was never smooth for him when he took that step, because his father nearly disowned him as his child. He also made it known that although  he has a good relationship with the father now, he has stopped taking full responsibilities of him.

He has been in the music industry since 2007 and has been able to add lot of songs to his gallery.His song “All Night” was recently nominated for  the the best collaboration of the year at the Obama City Music Awards in 2015. He is currently signed on King One Music Group and has worked with a lot of great music  engineers such as Oja in the 420 studios, Bizkit Beats, Mollers Beats and host of others.

Some of his songs include SHANKULELE, NEXT TIME, TOKTOK(featuring Wizeye from Tanzania), and currently working on a mixtape album titled KING OF FANTE FLOW(KOFF) which will be released in September 2016. You can download any of his songs online by searching his name and the title on any of the search engines.

IMG-20160207-WA0024Wyse Brayne is the CEO of Wyse Muzik Group(WMG) and working very hard together with his team to achieve their goals in the music industry. U can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the following handles @wysebrayne on Twitter,Wyse Brayne Fanter on Facebook and Wysebrayne on Instagram.


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