I don’t have the time to study a guy – Caroline Sampson

Radio, model and television personality Caroline Sampson says she does not have time to study a guy before dating him.

She said this is an interview with Stacy on Restoration With Stacy on TV3.

“I don’t have time to study you before I make up my on getting down with you. I mean if I meet you and we click and I think we good to go, then we move.


“I don’t really take time to check you, what you have been up to and all that,” she said.

On the other side, this kind of mindset has cost her a lot.

She said; “Due to this, I have had a lot of surprises and I will attribute it to the fact that, I don’t want to be in the face of any guy who comes to me. I feel most of the times, it scares the guys away.”

Caroline recently celebrated 10 years in the Ghanaian creative arts industry as a TV/Radio/Event Host and a model.

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