I cry a lot – Deputy Minister of Tourism

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Hon Dzifa Gomashie has disclosed that she cries a lot.

Speaking on The Big Xclusiv show on Radio Univers, Saturday, the honourable who was answering a question of what many do not know about her said she is unable to hold back her tears when what she wished she could do is not done for reasons beyond her control.

“I cry a lot. Sometimes you wish to do something and you think that is what you should be doing but the opportunity doesn’t avail itself. Maybe it is not the will of God. So there is that human conflict of ‘I want to do this’. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming for me and brings me down. I have a very soft side that people don’t know,” the product of the University of Ghana told host, Real Eugene.

Hon Gomashie, who was born and raised at Burma Camp, asked men to cry when the need arises as it is a therapy. According to her, crying is a sign of being human than being weak.


“Unfortunately for you, you are raised in a society where men crying is looked down upon as a sign of weakness. But it is a sign of being human. The tear ducts were not put in your anatomy for anything. It is an opportunity for you to release, get catharsis. So do it in your pillow as I do,” she advised.

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