Gov’t moves to solve Diamond-Dangote Cement rift

Ministry of Trade and Industry has told Citi Business News it is set to commence investigations into allegations of the inability of some Ghanaian manufacturing companies to export products to Nigeria.

This comes months after several complaints by Diamond cement over what it describes as undue competition from Nigerian company, Dangote cement.

Diamond cement has raised concern over Dangote’s involvement in the retail of cement in Ghana.

The development is said to have reduced Diamond cement’s annual production capacity of 1.8 million bags to 1.3 million bags.

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Deputy Communications Manager at the Trade Ministry, Ahmad Nasir tells Citi Business News the ministry would comply with the recommendations of the Tariff Advisory Board of the Ministry mandated to conduct the investigations.

“Diamond cement’s point was that looking at the price of input into the manufacturing of cement, there was no way Dangote could produce in Nigeria, bring goods into Ghana, pay tariffs and still sell at a price lower than theirs. They are suspecting that something fishy was going on,” Ahmad Nasir stated.

“At this stage it is an allegation until it is investigated, no action can be taken, within two weeks or so, this issue should be dealt with,” he added.

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