Google makes it easier to bring VR to your apps and the web

VR View should lead to more immersive photos and videos.

The challenge of bringing virtual reality to the masses isn’t so much recording it as putting it in front of people’s eyeballs.

How do you plunk VR into an app without resorting to exotic code? Google can help.

It’s launching a VR View tool that makes it relatively easy to embed VR photos and videos in apps and websites. In software, it’s just a few lines of programming with the Cardboard developer kit (which now supports iOS, we’d add).

On the web, you only need embedding code like the sort you use for 2D clips.

It’s a seemingly simple effort, but it could mean a lot for VR adoption. If it’s trivial to add VR to apps and the web, you’re more likely to see it used on a regular basis — not just for the occasional experiment.

You’ll still need VR gear to make this more than a click-and-drag experience, of course, but it’s still an important piece of the puzzle.

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