Gifty Anti reacts to ‘fake Doctorate degree’ claim

Oheneyere Gifty Anti has reacted to media reports that she is one of the prominent individuals in Ghana who have acquired doctorate degrees from unaccredited tertiary institutions.

This allegation was leveled against her after researchers from the Valdosta State University, in Valdosta USA, drew the attention of Ghana’s Minister of Education to the number of prominent individuals in the country who have acquired fake doctorate degrees.

The renowned gender advocate and broadcaster, Gifty Anti, reacting to the allegation on Radio Univers said she did not know that the university which honoured her had no permission to do so.

According to her, she researched about the institution when they wanted to honour her but she had nothing negative about them so she accepted it.

She said her honorary doctorate degree was given to her in 2012 by an institution known as Global Center for Transformational Leadership.

“When they brought me the letter that they wanted to honor me, there were about four people being honored too. What I did was to Google and I saw some of the people they had given honorary doctorate from around the world and some of the places they’ve held their events,” she narrated.

“I didn’t read anything negative about them so I accepted it. That is all I know about. If they are fake, very bad. I didn’t have a cause to believe that they are not credible.” Gifty Anti said.

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