Ghana Domestic flights cancelled due to bad weather

Aircrafts at the Kumasi International Airport have been grounded and would not be able to fly at least for the next three days because of the hazy harmattan weather.

Subsequently, the Accra –Kumasi highway has been jumped-packed with vehicles as commuters and businessmen and women who hitherto would have travelled by air are compelled to use the road.

A Metrological officer at the Kumasi International Airport, Isaac Taki Tetteh, told the Daily Graphic the dust particles from the North-Eastern wind has reduced visibility such that it makes it difficult for pilots to see clearly.

‘Currently visibility is just one kilometre. Visibility is below 400 meters and it’s dangerous to fly.

‘In the aviation industry the visibility standard is five kilometres but anything above two kilometres would be fine for business to start,’ he said.

He expressed the hope that within the next three days the weather could be better for flight business to begin.

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