Genfi unleashes “Bibiaa Beye Fine” Prod by Kin Dee

Genfi is one of Ghs trending rappers. With his style and dynamics, Genfi is definitely one of the rappers of our time not to brag.

Listening to some of his dope singles such as “Made in Ghana” which features Yaa Pono. Made in Ghana song is one of the tracks you need to hear as Genfi talks about patronizing made in Ghana products.

Genfi has now unleash another hit banger, he calls “BBF” that is, Bibiaa B3y3 Fine. This hit single is for the youth and everyone trying to make his way through in this life of hardships and stress. You need to listen to this track which has more punchlines and rhymes beyond imagination.

Genfi is definitely getting his way to the top with his punchlines and rhymes. Bibiaa B3y3 Fine is produced by GHs currently finest, Kin Dee of “Susuka” fame.

Download Bibiaa B3y3 Fine below.

Genfi-Bibiaa-Beye-Fine-Prod-by-Kin-Dee.mp3 (716 downloads)

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