Fans attack P-Square over reunion plea

When you think of P-Square these days what comes to mind is their incessant family brouhaha.

Peter Okoye, who had earlier threatened to sue his brothers for performing at the Congo concert without him, took to his Instagram page this week to announce the reunion of the pop group.

His statement has been greeted with diverse comments from their fans on social media. The fans are tired of their never-ending drama and have taken to social media to express how they feel.

A certain Swagdaddy puts it this way on Twitter: “The only problem I see with Psquare is the fact that they really think we care about their drama.”

Another Twitter user called Echecrates says: “P-Square are a joke, now lowkey. They weren’t even missed at the New York show. Tragic.”

“Psquare telling us they are sorry. Biko you are not sorry, you suddenly noticed a massive drop in income, and wisdom prevailed. Keep your sorry,” says a Twitter user.

Nabila says: “Happy P-Square is back but if I did Peter’s publicity, his first press statement should be signed by the team (P-Square) saying he is back.”

“If una like make una come back, who send una? Who una epp? Rubbish news on a Monday,” says South-South sniper.

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