EPA must stop sand winning at Nsawam – MP

Following the severe water crisis that hit the Nsawam-Adoagyir Municipality recently, the Member of Parliament for the area, Annor Dompreh, is calling for a collaborative effort between the military and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to fight the activities of sand winners. Sand winning along the Densu River was one of the factors that affected the free flow of water which feeds the Ghana water company’s treatment plant, leading to the water crisis.

The situation, caused residents in Nsawam to rely on contaminated water sources for their daily chores. In a Citi News interview, Annor Dompreh said even though water has been restored to most parts of Nsawam, he fears the activities of the sand winners if not checked, could cause another water shortage.

“These sand winners are taking this country for granted and their activities is not only posing food insecurity but it is also posing huge threat to farmers and that is a problem.”

The MP said although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been fighting the menace, there is the need for a “collaborative effort between the EPA and the military,  since some of the sand winners are armed in perpetuating an illegality.

“The effect of it is so dire to us. So the EPA and the national security would have to brace themselves and I’m sure if they want to bring this matter to a close, they can do it because it’s just a matter of commitment,” he added.

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