EL reply Sarkodie’s “Bossy” diss with “Talk Don’t Bother Me”

Sarkodie recently released his mini movie on his new single entitled “Bossy” which features Jay So. In the track, disses EL with punches regarding a “King with no crown”.

Sarkodie made known in the track that he doesn’t need a crown but he is still a king when it comes to rap or hip hop in the Ghanaian Music Industry.

El has now drop his diss to Sarkodie’s punches in the “bossy” track with “Talk don’t bother me” where EL disses Sarkodie big time telling him that he, El, is now the talk of the town and that the Sarkodie is using his name to come up again because Sarkodie is now sinking in Ghana music when it comes to rap.

Listen and Download EL “Talk don’t bother me” track from the link below.

EL-Talk-Dont-Bother-Me.mp3 (906 downloads)

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