Delay talks about her alleged sex tape

Controversial and outspoken radio and television personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay was hit with an allegation of engaging in a sex tape about two years ago.

An allegation her management denied vehemently.

In an interview with comic actor, Kalybos on the topic branding, Delay disclosed that she was vindicated from that sex tape story because of her gap teeth.

Gap teeth also called diastema is a space or gap between two teeth. It appears most often between the two upper front teeth.

“My gap teeth saved me when the issue of my involvement in a sex tape went viral. They said there was a video of me in the act just because the lady looked like me.

“But when the lady turned and showed her teeth without the gap teeth, it was obvious I wasn’t the one,” she said.

“So I can also refer to it as my brand because it sets me apart from the others.”

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