Comedians Union Of Ghana Shocked At Okala’s Death

The Comedian Union of Ghana is yet to come to terms with the sudden demise of one of their own, Bishop Bob Okala

The group numbering about 50 were preparing to honour the late Bishop of comedy when they heard the sad news.

President of the union, Nana K.waku Dankwah also known as Ice Kenkey revealed this on Adom News Sunday.

Bob Okala was a pioneer of the popular Key Soap Concert Party Show and one-time Best Comedian of the Concert. He recently featured at the 59th independence ceremony.

His death follows that of another ace comedian Yaw Donkor, otherwise known as Nkomode who passed away on the 5th of February this year.

Ice Kenkey indicated that comedians in the country have been relegated to the background thus found the need to reward the hard work of their predecessors. “After the death of Nkomode, we wanted to honour Bob Okala before he joined his ancestors so his death is indeed shocking to us” he bemoaned.

Ice Kenkey said they will still show their love to their senior colleagues even in death.

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