Check Out 8 ways to know a lady who is not a Virgin

 They Are Quick To Anger When Asked if They Are V1rgins
You heard me right..research and findings have shown that
non vírgin ladies tend to be very uncomfortable and are very
quick to anger if you inquire about their sexual lives. The
vírgin ladies on the other hand will just smile and keep quiet
when asked; but to the non vírgin ladies, they will flare up
and will embarrass you. You will hear something like, is it
your business if I’m a vírgin or not?

2. They Become Moody
Don’t get me wrong because I’m not trying to say that every
lady who suddenly becomes moody has lost her vírginity, but
all I’m trying to say is that, when a lady just recently lost it,
she becomes incessantly quiet for a few days. She may lock
herself up in her room probably because she has something
up her sleeves.

3. They Pick Quarrel At The Mention Of The Word “Vírgin1ty”
You heard me right. I have noticed that many non vírgin
ladies tend to be very uncomfortable when you place so
muchemphasis on vírginity. However, it’s either they verbally
attack you, or they tell you that you are still very immature
and really need some maturing to do.

4. She Becomes Outspoken On Sèx Discussion
Many v1rgin ladies are somewhat quiet when people discuss
sèx (though not in all cases). She used to be very timid before
when she was still a vírgin, but when she’s no longer one, she
may not be shy to take part and expressly air her views when
s*x topics arise.

5. They Live a Life Of “I live my life the way I want”
Yes it’s true that we should never judge a book by its cover,
but it’s paramount to also know that the world is fastevolving
into the one in which one’s appearance is the first letter of
recommendation. However, many vírgin ladies always try to
maintain their natural look and worry less about perishable
parameter they call make-ups ; but the non vírgin ladies on
the other hand may spend eternity in the cosmetics shops
painting their faces. They wear waist chain and will flash it
when in public; they pierce their noses, they wear anklets,
they bleach, and will keep saying they live their lives the way
they want. It’s almost impossible seeing a vírgin lady indulge
in the aforementioned acts.

6. They Mostly Scam Guys
Yes many vírgin ladies are usually very proud and tend to
hold themselves in dignity. A guy will have to pester her on a
date before she finally agrees; but non vírgin ladies on the
other hand will scam guys and see nothing bad in it. They
may even bring gangs of friends on a date even without
informing you. This is a bid to make their friends have a
taste of your money.

7. They Upload Bóóbs/Buttócks Revealing DPs
In my personal belief, I have come to conclusion that the
chances of ladies who are bold enough to upload boóbs and
buttócks reveal pictures on social networks, there chances of
being a vírgin is likened to Paul Muite’s chances

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