Bisa Kdei’s ‘Brother Brother’ doesn’t deserve nomination in 2016 VGMA

Since coming into the lime light with his maiden hit track, ‘Azonto ghost’, Bias K’dei has been consistent in the Ghanaian music industry and has succeeded in treating Ghanaian music lovers with a repertoire of good melodious and well composed songs.

This has won him the hearts of many Highlife and Hiplife music enthusiasts in the country.

He has now also grown to be one of the favorite artistes in Ghana who enjoys crowd support whenever he mounts the stage to perform any of his hit tracks at music concerts.

His two recent hit tracks, ‘Mansa and Brother Brother’ were undoubtedly among the most played songs during the Christmas festivities in Ghana.

One could hear the songs been played at various public gatherings – parties, clubs, pubs and weddings – alongside hit tracks like, Kakai by Dancehall Star, Shatta Wale, ‘Myghty Lele’ by Stonebwoy and ‘Ekikimi’ by Wisa.

Both of his songs have subsequently been tipped by entertainment pundits to win awards at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) organized by Charter House.

With the song Brother brother, I personally enjoy the way the lead guitar opens the whole song before the introduction of the smooth voice of the musician.

I also could not stop nodding my head when I first heard the song in admiration of the skillful way by which the sound engineer who produced the song, Dr Ray Beatz, interwove Bisa’s voice and lead guitar in a call and responds manner to give it an old school feel which makes the song unique.

Inspite of the relentless effort Bisa kdei and Dr Ray Beatz put into the song to make it a masterpiece and the tremendous inroads this song ‘Brother Brother’ has made, I personally think that the song does not deserve nomination for awards at the 2016 VGMA.

This is not because the song does not possess the quality it needs to win an award, but I am strongly opposed to its nomination because it contains a sexually explicit word, I mean the ‘F word’ which is frowned upon worldwide.

In some parts of region I hail from, the word has been coined as a catch phrase and used as an adjective to describe the nature of something or a situation.

Example of the use of the F word in such circumstances are as follows, I am happy ‘f…….king, I am hungry f……..king and the girl is beautiful f………..king, among others.

However, the use of the word in that sense still does not make it acceptable let alone to transport it into songs meant for public consumption.

I know that someone might argue on why I am opposing the nomination of the song ‘Brother Brother’ while Joey B’s Tonga was nominated and subsequently won an award at the 2014 VGMA in spite of the controversy it generated because people perceived and perceive it as a song which contains vulgar lyrics.

The two songs are quite different. The fact is an ‘F word’ is an ‘F……. word’ irrespective of the meaning one gives to it. However, though Tonga is made to connote the description of the female private part in Ghana, Joey B had a lee way of escape because the same word Tonga, according to Wikipedia is a kingdom around the Oceania region, centered on the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean comprising 177 islands of which 52 islands are inhabited.

So comparing the two will be like comparing oranges to apples.

Food for thought, so couldn’t Bisa K’dei have avoided the controversy lurking in the air around such a good song by avoiding just one word, ‘F…..king’ and replacing it with another word in order to ensure that there would be no negative string that would have the tendency to block the chances of the song from being nominated at the VGMA and subsequently winning an award is attached to the song.

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