Beware of fake people in our showbiz – Samini

MOBO award-winner, Emmanuel Andrew Samini has shared one thought provoking inspiring piece on his Instagram.

Well, Samini more or less talked about fakers; says they would hail you even though they hate you, how they would create fake accounts to cyber bully.

He also talked about people wish you fail and more.

Samini as well advised that musicians should just concentrate on the art, it’s delivery and presentation and let the fans who they want to listen to and who they want to dance to.

Here is what he wrote

They hail you even though they hate you They will follow you on social media scheming to catch you slipping They will create ghost accounts to cyber bully you but be the first to like your pic when you post on IG They wish your next single would flop for them to win an argument of “I told y’all he was done long ago” lol Like a kiss ass groupie they would wish you happy GEEday and get the date wrong for you to be like ????….errrm it’s tomorrow my GEE. They meditate on your downfall but be the first to drop a fake RIP when you drop dead suddenly …. Unfollow them,Block them and delete them and if you catch them lurking in a fake account repeat the same action chale. Life is too Goddamn short to allow folks to get at you even when you in your most coded hideouts all in the name of “internet” I pray for “physical emojis” in the nearest future so We can send a slap when We need to and send a kiss when We so desire lol. Just typing out my mind on a Monday morning with mixed feelings on how fans will push us till we break down just “for the love of the music” We live our entire lives as entertainers to a diverse audience spread across the globe. Let’s concentrate on the art and it’s delivery and presentation while the fans choose who they want to listen to and what they want to dance to.

Don’t you for once be fooled when they say they love you. They love you and every other talent who does it for them and will drop you for the next if your sh*t stops trending lol ….. Your “biggestFAN” could turn into your biggest hater just to please folks to fit inn. Some of these FANs are FAKE and we know. We need “realfriends” in these time chale. #peace #hgf

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