“Before Castro returns you will be dead” – Castro’s publicist replies Onua FM pundit

Just few days after news broke out that a regular entertainment pundit on Onua FM, Nana Agyei Boateng, threatening to kill hip-life musician Castro if he ever returns alive, it got the attention of most followers of Castro especially those from the Western Region of Ghana where Castro grew up at.

In a quick reply to the pundit , the publicist for missing Castro, Prince Ebow Derby known in the showbiz circle as Derby Ghpromoter has reacted through his facebook account. In a post which came along by sharing the story he said;

“The fact that you are an entertainment pundit doesn’t mean you should say stupid and silly stuffs on radio ! One reason why people don’t take entertainment pundits serious! Pray you don’t die before he returns … ?#?Pissed”

In a different post he seems not to be happy and threatened to take it on with the pundit since he personally thinks Mr. Nana Agyei Boateng knows the where about of Castro’s disappearance therefore the police should invite him for further questioning and interrogation.

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